Our Company

Symbrium was founded in July 2013. Shortly thereafter in September of 2013, Symbrium acquired Factory Systems in Columbia, SC which ultimately became Symbrium FS Quality group. Under Symbrium, Factory Systems continues to serve our customers with software  solutions for plant floor management, data acquisition, and machine operation. In late 2014, Symbrium introduced the Capital Equipment group in Raleigh, NC which now serves as the company headquarters and Symbrium Powertrain Technology group. Since 2014, Symbrium Powertrain Technology group has expanded our staff and shipped more than 40 test machines out of our facility.

Our groups are extremely passionate about what they do and work together to create compatible products. Our teams are comprised of precision, in-the-zone performers. We have fostered an expansive network of incredible strategic partners over many decades that we can rely upon when asked to take on new and different engagements.

Symbrium is a quiet but very powerful behind-the-scenes company that takes great pride in making our customers and clients successful. We have no corporate sales and marketing staff. We do not seek publicity or expect accolades for doing our job and helping you succeed. We bring complete custom solutions with off-the-shelf functionality. People who know come to Symbrium for expert solutions to complex challenges.