Powertrain Technology Group

The Symbrium Powertrain Technology Group is located in Raleigh, NC. Symbrium Powertrain specializes in designing and building custom, high-precision machines for Vehicle and Aerospace Powertrain Manufacturing Operations and Test Labs. Symbrium strives to provide our customers with the next generation of research and gauging equipment.

Symbrium provides the “behind the scenes” solution to your research or manufacturing need because we are rooted in the experience of engineer’s operating the machines we are replacing. Our experience in manufacturing plants and test labs has primed us to truly understand the machine that our customers need. We have uncanny insight into what our test engineer, laboratory manager, manufacturing engineer, production supervisor or quality manager clients are looking for.  This is why we are often referred to by our customers as “an engineer’s engineering company.”  



Our approach is to capture the constraints and desires of our customer and to build the machine around those pillars for the most elegant and effective solution. We strive to develop our machines outside of the the shadows of their predecessors to reveal innovative solutions. Our family of engineering, software and controls professionals and craftsmen work closely together to ensure that all aspects of a machine are carried out with the highest level of precision and care. By incorporating design and build under one roof, Symbrium is able to control all aspects of the machine as it moves from CAD into reality.

While we are considered one of the most capable engineering companies of our kind, our goal is to remain a “Boutique” firm that can selectively take on challenges where we feel we can best contribute to improving the state-of-the art with a special emphasis on rotating machinery and high-speed geared rotor systems. We pride ourselves in deploying energy efficient ergonomic systems that become standard setting solutions.  When you buy any system from us, you get a comprehensive Technical Documentation Package including full blueprints and source code. Certain exceptions do apply for some proprietary products that we produce under exclusive contract or regulatory statutes. However, for any custom project where you pay for the non-recurring engineering and development, you own everything outright. We have no issue providing you with all of the necessary information to replicate the equipment we deliver in-house or via other build sources. Additionally, we are often asked to develop patentable solutions, we have no issues working with your team to co-author applications and have our inventors assign granted patent rights over to your organization.